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Dry lining has grown in popularity over the past 10 years in this country due to it being quick and relatively clean to apply compared to other traditional plastering systems, dry lining quite simply means the application of plasterboard to surfaces such as timber, masonry or metal using different fixings for each background.

When dry lining to masonry walls this is commonly known as ‘Dot and Dab’ this form of dry lining involves using plasterboard and dry wall adhesive. The plaster board is cut to size and the walls are marked where the boards will be fixed, then the adhesive is placed to the perimeter of the board in a picture frame style so the board is completely sealed so it is air tight, dabs of adhesive are spaced at various vertical lines of the board to allow adhesion and support. The thickness of the plasterboard can sometimes determine the spacing of the dabs of adhesive, the plasterboard is then gently pushed onto the adhesive with a plasterer’s straight edge and checked to be plumb and level etc, vertically and horizontally ready to finish.

Areas Covered :We provide Dry Lining Services Hastings in East Sussex, Kent and Brighton Area.

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